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Re: Bayes decision rule, Hobbying's Dilemma and the Tragedy of Hobbying.

Posted 6/3/2012 at 9:59:23 AM

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When instead you have to make a decision on WHO you should see among different porn stars, you should always apply the standardized form of Bayes Decision Rule, which is the following:
You will always choose that porn star for which the expected value of payoff is the greatest.

In combination, the standardized form and the inverted form of Bayes Decision Rule, will help you to solve all situations where you have to make a choice in condition of uncertainty among different porn stars.

Hobbying's Dilemma is always there: We cannot escape it and the two forms of the Bayes Decision Rule will work towards minimizing errors. To do that we need a theory of induction that is able to weight the incredible amount of uncertainty which have to face in making our decision about this or that porn star.

Eddie never stopped repeating me that the great value of exchanging information and posting reviews was that it will be working towards 'minimizing errors' and thus towards increasing the probabilities of making choices that will return the highest payoff possible.

It is a tragedy of Hobbying, like the Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons,' that so many hobbysts DO NOT understand this simple stuff...and considering that the monetary value of the investment relating with booking a porn star is the highest in the escort market, the Tragedy of Hobbying "brings ruins to all."

PS: The Big Tits series has already got to #2. I have to work for the other series during the summer and Big Tits Crackers #3 is still in its pre-production stage...


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