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Sabrine Maui, Ivy Winters, Vera Cruz

Posted 5/31/2012 at 3:32:53 AM

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I would put Sabrine Maui at the top of my list.  Sweet girl, great personality, totally gorgeous.   Did everything I could have dreamed of, and more.  
I don't know where you live Max, but if there are any porn girls in your area, they can often be diamonds in the rough, and your best bang for the buck.
I recently saw Ivy Winters, who is from my area, and currently back in the area while on hiatus.  I saw her for 2 hours for less money than a bigger name UTR star was asking for a 1/2 hour while featuring in the area recently.  Ivy was great also, and sweet, sexy, lots of fun.
I also saw Reality Kings girl Vera Cruz, who is also from my area, while house dancing at area clubs.  Gorgeous girl, sweet, nice, great time, and much more reasonable than most every day girls.

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