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Ashlynn Leigh --don't waste your time

Posted 5/28/2012 at 3:55:16 AM

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A friend set up a meet with Ashlynn Leigh last Thursday.  Since a friend set it up...I paid for her trip from LA to NYC.  I waited for her to arrive at the hotel...but she claimed her  plane was delayed.  In fact, she was sneaking in another appointment before coming over to see me.

I was tight on I missed her...but my buddy who was hanging out with me...decided to wait up for her.  When she got there...he got busy with her.  Apparently, she asked my friend about financial arrangements...and he said....hey...that guy had to go...I was just here in the room watching the end of the game...and you showed up!

I didn't get to see her...but my consolation is that my buddy tagged her for FREE!

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