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Ginger Lynn, Debi Diamond, Venus, Nancy Vee

Posted 5/27/2012 at 6:43:09 AM

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All four of these women are:

a.) Beautiful
b.) Horny
c.) Engaging
d.) Nasty
e.) Great in the sack

I will adore them 'til my dying day


Posted By: MaxSwagger
Basically what is the best experience ever that you wouldn't hesitate to recommend to your best buddy?
I've been in the hobby for a few years, but never a PS...I think the most I've ever shelled was 500, so PS is a big step...I've always thought I knew which girls I wanted to see but once it comes down to actually booking a date, I hesitate because of bad reviews from girls I could have sworn were completely locks...

Any recommendation is MUCH APPRECIATED!  Thank you gentlemen.



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