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ya bahstahd ya dam bahstards ! 

Posted 6/7/2012 at 12:16:18 PM

hahah , just kiddin . i like when i see how some one is before havn to actually go thru it in person, it saves me time, so no , thank you-buddy xo-    how rude. your loss not mines. any way, that was mean thogh you made me correspond like 70 times and then when u dont get directions for out appt 2 weeks ahead you start postin u want a new date. and you were telln me u made a mix cd just for the occasion and everything? oh well theres a soa retreat for 3 hours i am takn that daY NOW INSTEAD,,,,,,SO THANKS,! FOR TAKN UO ALOT TIME N ENERGY THEN CANCELIN CUZ I CANT BE AT MY EMAIL 24 7? IMPATIENCE!

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