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why as a grown man your scared to get

Posted 5/15/2012 at 11:23:34 AM

regular std screenings if you are sexually active and seeing multiple poartners? hmm why would the thought of getn a regular std screening which you should in all homnesty n realistically be doin, and um, if that scares you, whats more scary transmitin csomthin to your innocent wofe beacuse your were "scared the shit out nof?" by thought of maybe u getnn screened reguklarly? that should scare the shit out u u r a grown as sman /woman, didnt u stop bein scared the doctor after age 5? dont tell me u r still too proufd or closed up tore quest regiular check uops? thats just ignorant n orresponsible , to use bein scared? as an excuse to be ignorant of your health n others u could be in contact with? wow, i am like blown away by this, and scared, hgrown people scared at thought thet they should be getn regular screening when sexualy active? I know they just started sexual eduation in my highsc hool maybemyour generation didnt have it n you just arent awarem,,,,,,,,,,,thats sad theres people runnin aorund that would be scared the shit out of by very common info any doc would tell you, havent you asked your rimary i knwo i knwo eveyr legit real fact........................yes u can cathc stds in throat, n yes if get sore throat or whatev umyes ya need to get your ass to the doctor, n yes it could happen to some one fuckn smeel good too, my gos,m r people that ignorant? wow, groos,

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