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Re: Maybe I'm missing something....

Posted 5/4/2012 at 8:33:54 PM

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SoBeJoe, yeah, ya really are missing something. Spend five minutes on Google and you'll see that the odds of catching something from BBFS are a lot greater than the odds of catching something from BBBJ.  Also, there are simply more STD's you can catch from BBFS (trichomoniasis, to name just one) that it's impossible or very very difficult to catch from unprotected oral.  And the STD's you can catch from both BBBJ and BBFS, well, it's a quirk of statistics that you can "stay lucky" doing BBBJ for a lot longer than you can "stay lucky" doing BBFS, even if the relative odds of the two aren't that different (and they are, by the way).  Plus, you have to factor in the fact that the ladies who offer BBFS are usually (not always, but, in my opinion, usually) let's just say less picky, higher volume, than the providers who insist on a rubber during FS.  Just because it's possible to get an STD through both activities, doesn't mean that the short-term risk and the long-term risks are equal.  If you play the Numbers lottery game five times a week, you'll probably hit the numbers within a few years; you'd have to live hundreds of thousands of years to win MegaMillions if you were able to play that lottery game five times a week.

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