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Have you tried Date-Check or Room Service 2000?

Posted 4/22/2012 at 6:34:22 PM

Diamond Jim
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P411 is not the only game in town.  Have you tried Date-Check or Room Service 2000?  These services have worked well for me, but you will still have to give out some personal information.

I think you are more at risk by seeing a provider who does not screen that you are from giving out the information needed to get yourself verified.

Just my humble opinion.



Posted By: loudspeakers3
In Boston two weeks now, and have become unexpectedly discouraged with the 411 verification screening which agencies are asking here (wasn't expecting such. I simply cannot risk my brand new and secure job here in town since arriving from Omaha a couple of weeks ago. Any advice on any fun and totally honest independents who would not require this kind of screening? I do have a weakness for Asians. However I also enjoy American blondes and brunettes, just as long as they don't have any hangups or are prude about anything.  


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