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Posted 5/27/2012 at 9:35:32 PM

Its walk in downtown Minneapolis payment is based on your ability to pay.  Full Std test with HIV is $230 They ask you at least pay $20.  It can be busy or dead.  Depends on the day.  It is not anonymous though, if you have an STD they are required to report it to the state and they will need your ssn to see you.  Other than that its a nice place and the staff are friendly and helpful.  I got the results from my test in 3 days.  If you test positive they will treat you if you go back.  If you have warts or herpes they claim they can treat those on the initial visit.  Treatment is free or a minimal donation is requested.  If its HIV then they refer you somewhere else.   I was in and out in within an hour.  I suggest going early in morning.    

Otherwise you have to go with one of the many internet testing companies whose prices are much higher mostly above $300 and from what I learned in researching many are not very accurate and they wont give you any meds or treatment if you do have an STD.      

Hope that helps.  


Posted By: myalias-myalias
Anyone used the Red Door Clinic in MInneapolis?  Is it a good place for STD testing?  Any other recomends?


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