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Re: Back Doors

Posted 5/27/2012 at 1:01:18 PM

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Basic members can post here....I did a number of times when I had basic membership. But this does seem to be a cheeeeeesy way to go.....


Posted By: turboted
First:  I don't believe that you are going to see too many ladies openly respond to your message on this discussion board.

Second:  Truth in advertising -- Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to state:  "I just need for you to catch my eye (and my cock in your ass)?"

Third:  It appears that all of your reviews are with providers currently over the age of 35. Why have you changed your demographic?

Fourth:  One of the providers that may meet your desires is Alexxia Nile. However, I believe there is an additional surcharge for your desired activity.

Fifth:  How did your post get approved without having a VIP membership?  


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