Re: Wickedly fun! Azz it were........Those panties are a riot!!!! lol
CharlotteG See my TER Reviews 945 reads

Might need to buy some!  lol

I think I've got her right where I want her.....

badger134685 reads

WOW! That is hot!! Wish I were there!

klumberg659 reads

Oh you WONDERFUL woman you!! The things you make run through my mind with pics like this!!

I don't know if my heart can take it!  You know I think your the GREATEST and you just keep proving it every time I see you.....and now your taking it to an even higher level !!!

What an absolutely erotic shot!!  You know you'll be hearing from me!

sporty64842 reads

Posted By: portia510
I think I've got her right where I want her.....
Hmmmmm very hot pic portia

Pollenbroker725 reads

wouldn't you prefer to have her tied, spread eagled, to those bars (or whatever they are)?  

I'm offering a riding crop or a feather.  Which do you want?

Posted By: portia510
I think I've got her right where I want her.....

WYSIWYGG1091 reads

Instant boner time...
Save me a place please, you can't have her all to yourself.
This is a treat that you will have to share.

May I be first in line?? Please.

4192bob711 reads

Oh my, Portia and Brienna!  Wow, what a pair!
Seeing this pic has me up in the air.
I'll hafta save up so I can see them together,
In June perhaps sometime, for a "romp in the heather"

I know one of them, and she is real fine
I wish I could see her more, every time.
But I'll be gone now for quite a few weeks,
Don't know what I'll do then when my libido peaks.

Perhaps I'll just take things right into my hands,
While I'm hither and yon in other fine lands.
Maybe i'm lucky and they'll be in my dreams,
Then I'll have to do laundry because of the creams...!

hardyharhar1075 reads


Posted By: CharlotteG
Oh how wicked...

bannerpete727 reads

You are not only wonderfully wicked, but terribly missed. Have a great time, but see you soon

yummy yummy yummy....  and more yummy.   Excuse me while I go play with myself......

Posted By: AlastiNatalie
Posted By: CharlotteG
Oh how wicked...

wingman13461206 reads

a darn entertaining thread to read....lol      Sure beats the
drama ones.  Way to go ladies!!  Nice pics too!!

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