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OK.  Here’s a chance to celebrate newer ladies in the hobby.  I propose that the First Friday Shill be reserved for ladies with 10 reviews or fewer (12, tops).  So, give us your shout-outs for the best of the best in “new” talent in Minnesota.

I know, I know: A lot of negative feedback greeted my proposal 10-12 days ago.  So, if TER takes it down, or you all ignore it, or if you post shills for the old-timers, then so be it.  It will die a natural death.  But, it’s worth a try!

So, give us your best new providers!

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Trinity started in the erotic body rub business two months ago, and she’s great!  CMT-like massage, killer body, and great HE.  Check her out.

New MILF, I have submitted a review but it's post yet. Anyway she offers massage, great endings, and a awesome time. Treat her well and she will treat you well.

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Her and her sister, Kayci have been around for a few months but now have their own space in S Mpls/Uptown. She is adorable, sweet and desperate to please. A true FBSM experience. Others have better massage skills or a more open menu but if you just want a how sweet bouncy girl with a killer body, she is ideal.

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Hot, hot girl:) Very nice dub with a real sweetie:)

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Very nice, warm, great conversation. Had a very good time. She's new and learning and will only get better.

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I met her twice now over a couple years as she travels to through the Hinterands.

She mentioned she plans to visit the TC soon, maybe this weekend?

The bikini pics are real, so are the others but she is a tight little spinner and actually sexier in person than some of those pics show.


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I saw Poppy about a month back now and should connect again. She is maybe two or months into the hobby but when I saw her she was more than a pro! I just read her more recent reviews and it seems she has gotten even better.

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...only 3 reviews! Great attitude...very lovely. :)

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Only one review- but this gal is not a beginner, take my word for it. She has major talents and really enjoys the fun and games.

Much more like a 7-8/9.  Great value and a delightful in call. Does it all


She has a fun blog, is a great conversationalist and serves a superb liquor.  

My review will be done shortly.

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I find that she has a picture of Bozo the clown on her page to be disturbing yet somehow arousing. Sometimes I really worry about some of the things that turn me on.

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She's visiting again week after next; a wonderful young lady

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Thanks so much for suggesting this newcomer shilling feature.  It so so refreshing to read about new talents who have made a positive impression on some of the readers.  It's a refershing change from the same old crowd prmoting each other.  This was a great idea1

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it's gone very well.  We'll try it again next month.  Save up some shills for new ladies until then!

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