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Posted 2/8/2012 at 6:42:51 AM

Aspen. it's more of the 'women are attracted to success' issue in the majority of the mismatching vs an underground escort scene..  What non-locals tend to not that Aspen is a small town in many respects that gets invaded in the peak ski season...everyone here knows everyone...   you;d be rare to find an incall provider to set up shop..or do hotel or boutique hotel cause it sticks out like a sore thumb..and the rumor mill would be on fire...That lacks in availability of 1 hour appts plus for visitors... It's more of a place to fly a favorite companion in and spend extended time.

now..en route..via Denver..that's a different story. more "action" there.


Posted By: Rturtlet
Hi all, just wondering if anyone knew the story of what kind of action goes on in Aspen.  I saw one internet ad for Close Encounters, but did not follow through as there was no supporting info here about it.  I did see lots of beautiful young ladies with mismatched men throughout town and could only speculate.  Can someone fill me in on the Aspen story?  Thanks for any info.


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