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Re: Can you be more specific?

Posted 4/2/2012 at 7:41:21 PM

Well, maybe this is a form of poor scheduling as u say.  But my wasted day began with us scheduling an appointment at 7p far in advance.  Plenty of time for her to get a hotel room.  At 7p she wanted to make it 8p... then at 8, she texted me that it would definitely be 9:30p and so on and so on...  Now realize each of these scheduled appointments consisted of me having to text/call her numerous times to get a response.  Finally, I gave up.  


Posted By: oleoneeye
So far her problem has been scheduling and NCNS issues. Her reviews by those fortunate to have been graced by actual presence have been quite complimentary.  I've been hoping to see a sign of getting her shit together but.....


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