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Ok, read up I need all of your input on this.

Posted 12/10/2011 at 9:21:40 PM

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As the moderator of the Chicago board we will be testing a new idea out to help both the guys and the ladies with regards to the ladies weekly ads. Maybe we could do it here as well?

As you are aware, sometimes your weekly TER ad can get moved down the page rapidly during the week, sometimes falling to the second page, an idea was put out that goes like this. How about a thread every Monday, started by me, that is only used for a provider having a weekly special. The provider could place her ad in this thread with her special identified and linking to her her web site or to her TER reviews. This ad would not count against her one weekly ad and in turn, would give the guys a single place to look for any ladies having a "special" in the Dallas area for that week.

Let me know what ya all think.


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