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I've had many but one of my best was...

Posted 6/4/2012 at 6:47:49 PM

A client I have never met invited me to St Johns and St Thomas USVI for a few days.
Having only spoken with him via emails and phone is was  a bit nervous but he checked out safe. He flew me out and He met me at the airport in St Thomas. Eyes connected as if we've known each ther for life. Spending the day on Cinnamon Bay was breathtaking. We had such a great time we stayed an extra day. Ofcourse that outcall was amazing. And all I had to do was pack my swim suit and flip flops. Ahhh easy Peasy.
I believe there's a review about it, written by Tristan Jones in 2010. I'll link it for the lazy lol j/k

For the domestic outcall I enjoy a fine dinner out followed by dessert at the Ritz, JW or Gaylord. They love to park my ride out front.

As always hair, tips, toes,makeup and dressed to kill ALWAYS.

Ahhhhhh I love this job!

Gabby xox

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