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Toy Collections

Posted 5/30/2012 at 9:38:19 AM

This week I'm curious about your toy collections. How extensive are they? How much room do you need to store your collection?

I dedicated an entire armoire to my sexy clothes, shoes, porn & toy collection and I've grown out of it completely!!!! My club wear, latex, costume lingerie and one of kind pieces are pouring out. My panty and bra sets no longer fit in one drawer and my toy collection is layered on top of each other so deeply in the drawer that it's hard for me to remember what's in there; I have two sets of leather wrist and neck cuffs, multiple blindfolds, strap ons with several interchangeable dildos (for show and photo shoots only. sorry guys!!) vibrating rabbits, eggs, bullets, g-spot sticks, prostate massagers and cock rings. I've got chains, leather straps, rope and riding crops. I have paddles - leather and flimsy or leather and hard OR metal and non-forgiving. I have appropriated items like stockings, curtain tassels and laundry pins. The list goes on and on - industrial strength black latex gloves, black gloves affixed with long fake dragon nails, swimming caps and more. My small but growing porn collection is shoved in the back by my tiny stripper shoe collection (that's the only collection that's tiny).

Soon I shall be faced with the challenge of what to do with my expansive toy collection. To thin it down or to create a larger storage space for it.... perhaps my own dungeon some day. ; )

Ladies - (and gents) I'm curious about your collections - do they take up a drawer, a duffle bag, a shelf, a closet, a room in your house?

Thinking sexy on hump day!!
xo Lo

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