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Wouldn't touch it, period.
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Ok,...I left the hobby for quite some time because I could not find any "Quality" providers in Worcester. I am trying again. I seek providers for out-call service here at my home. Also, reputable is the "Back-pages" web-site ?

LamontCranston692231 reads

You got better odds of have the hitting the lottery, being hit by lighting or have the playmate of the month showing up at your door in the next 5 minutes all at the same time.

As for a quality Provider in Worcester, not sure odds are most likely not in your favor either.
I have seen lots of guy post about it, and not much in the form of answers.

inicky462471 reads

if your last round was pre-Internet you might want to go on the Newbie Board and do some reading.  That was my situation a few years ago and the Newbie Board really helped.  Good luck!

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