New England

Unfortunately most stay.
JustAGal See my TER Reviews 3271 reads

Wish more people walked away from B&S ladies.


mainefun3655 reads

I am wondering how many like myself will just walk away if the provider is not as she presents herself in her ad.  I just hate being misled and figure this is a way to display that.

AgentGibbs2441 reads

Perhaps it's best to stick with tried and true well reviewed providers and stop hoping you will discover that diamond in the rough on BP? Your reviews reflect a history of finding ladies in places that tend to foster a lot of b&s and rip offs. However, when you utilize your VIP here you can perform due diligence and make sure the lady you so desire is whom she states she is.  Google and tin eye are your friend.

Wish more people walked away from B&S ladies.


holycowmetoo4149 reads

BTW Lina... When are you making a trip to Burlington, VT?  I bet some guys up here would love to see you! Myself included ;)

....if she's not the girl at all or  it is her and she obviously using old pics and it's not good enough for you to stay then walk.  Maybe that'll be a lesson to them to not use fake OR inaccurate photos.
NEVER stay just because you drove for who knows how long and figure what the'd only be setting yourself up for disappointment and a lot of guys do that.

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