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GNC herbal supplements --- Worth it ? 

Posted 6/3/2012 at 1:54:17 PM

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I bought some VitaliKor from GNC.  It is something you take 2 hours before sex to enhance performance and increase Libido as they say on the box.  It saids " We are READY when you are".   lol
I am getting little older and my Libido isn't what it used to be and getting hard and keeping it is also not what it used to be so i wanted some help.   and i didn't want to see my doctor to get the Viagra yet.   so has anyone tried this product ?  It cost $49 for one box.  It said you take 2 pills 2 hours before sex and You will feel WOW.   I mainly wanted to keep the erection during my full hour of appointment and not lose it after only 10 minutes.   I pay for an hour, i want to have fun for an hour

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