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Trip Report - FKK Augsberg, Ingolstadt

Posted 5/9/2010 at 6:22:49 AM

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Recently concluded a business trip to Munich, and having read so much about the FKK Sauna scene in Germany I had to check it out. Wow.

First night (Tues 4/27) made the 50 minute drive to the FKK Colosseum in Augsburg, located in a business-park / light industry type area. Parked, got buzzed in, and got the run-down (in English) from the man behind the desk - very helpful. €65 entry fee gets you towel, bath sandals, and a locker. Use of all facilities and drinks included. I showered and headed out in the to pool area. There were probably 25 ladies working that evening, mostly lounging near the pool which dominates the center of the main area. A bar serves non-alcoholic beverages. I got a drink ('vasser mit gaz bitte') and took a seat to evaluate the talent. Overall I thought quite good - lots of 7s to 9s, and didn't see any fuglies at all. After a time, I went to talk to Pia - roughly 5'5, slender German girl, B cup I'd guess, light brown hair, lovely body and skin, early 20s I think. ('Bitte, sprechen Sie English?' says I 'Yes of course...'). Guys, over the course of visiting these two different clubs and talking to roughly a dozen women I had absolutely no problem communicating in English with any of them. Eva and I had a chat, then went up the spiral staircase to a floor where there are perhaps 15 small rooms. The basic rate is €50 for 30 minutes (this was same at both clubs) and was good for FS + oral (BBBJ in all cases). There are any number of specials which seem to run an extra €50, for example CIM or anal if you desire. Had a very fun and hot half hour session with this girl; then into the locker room to pay for the session. Wanting to take in the scene a bit more, I got another drink and settled into a seat. Before long Junior started twitchy again, so I went over to have a chat with Eva - 5'8, solid D+ (enhanced) from Bulgaria. Wound up having another very hot session with this lady. Started out in the spa - her sitting stride my leg, giving DFK, and stroking Mr Johnson. Then up to a room to seal the deal - once again, BBBJ followed by multiple position FS. I showered, left, and hit the road back to Munich. Overall the damage was about €200 including entry, play time with both ladies, and a tip for both.

Well, that was such a great time I felt obliged to check out FKK Hawaii in Ingolstadt. Same exact fee structure. I was told 23 girls onsite. Different interior, this is a bit newer, very nice, softer lighting which I preferred compared to Colosseum. They have a movie room that runs nonstop porno, you can do the needful in there if you like. They also serve hot food, so you can eat if you like - it looked pretty good. Once again, got a drink, sat for awhile, and then struck up a conversation with Andreea - Italian / Romanian mix that strongly reminded me of Nikita Denise. Session details are similar to above, but have to give a call-out for this girl's incredible oral talents. Yowza. Again, showered up, got another drink, and lounged around a bit more. Ultimately decided I was done for the evening and was out the door for about €140 - a little steeper than night before but could have done another round for just €50 - about the price of a nude MBOT lapper at current exchange rate. Another great club, though I felt the talent level was not quite on par Colosseum.

Definitely a very interesting scene, has a strip-club feel in a way what with all the naked women wandering around (most in heels and nothing else). Both are well worth a visit if the situation presents itself. Have another business trip in June to Frankfurt, I've heard the FKK's there are the best of the bunch.

It's a good thing I don't live in Germany....

Just my 2 cents,


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