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How do you like it?

Posted 5/26/2012 at 8:11:22 PM

Just curious how kinky you guys are here...

Share some of your fantasies!

I like to:
A) Face fuck
B) Get the boys slobbed down well
C) Let her ride my face
D) Fuck in the ass
E) Shove my cock town her throat
F) Watch my balls slap against her ass/thighs
G) Do it missionary/cow girl
H) Tie her up and make her come endlessly
I) Let her tie me up
J) Use whips and whip cream
K) Fuck two bad bitches at the same time
L) Skeet on her face
M) Skeet down her throat
N) Fuck her doggy while watching her suck his dick
O) 69
P) Stick a finger in her ass while I'm DATY
Q) Get a finger in my ass while she blows me
R) Fuck in front of large wondows
S) Have sex outside
T) Watch her strip off sexy lingerie
U) Watch her strip off a sexy outfit
V) Swing
W) Use toys on her
X) Let her use toys on me
Y) Cum more than once
Z) Orgy/gandbang

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