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I'm usually kinda shy about asking....but

Posted 5/24/2012 at 6:55:54 AM

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And it kinda depends on the lady. The last time I was in Chicago I hinted to Dodda that if she wanted to bring the school girl outfit  she wears in some of the pics on her site it would certainly put a smile on my face.  Since we were meeting in my hotel bar I was pretty sure she would not want to wear it until we retired to the privacy of my room. However the tight...short black dress she wore probably garnered as much attention  Anyway she did bring it ...and wow.

I must say , reading the replys to the OP  I could certainly see Giselle in an Egyptian outfit. And London?  I'm surprised you wern't up to the  spider'd make a perfect "black widow" !  [ just kidding....please don't take the next flight to DC and hunt me down and beat the crap outta me....pretty sure you could do it btw].

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