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If more Maine men would research different sites...

Posted 12/29/2011 at 3:26:54 PM

other than BP more providers would visit.  Having worked quite a bit while living there for a couple of years I found it a great place ( Portland, at least ) to see gents.  Now that I've relocated to Boston I haven't traveled to Maine work for the biz since August.  Even when I lived in Maine I hardly ever posted on this board because I felt there wasn't much presence.  There have also been a few stings/busts which I can only assume originated from BP.  If I can't post anywhere then it isn't really cost effective to travel there.  If more men could be lured to TER and the verification sites Maine would get plenty of ladies, like they did in the past when I first started.  I have suggested TER to several gents and they always come back stating I'm just trying to get them sign up for a paid website!  Yeah right, because I get commission.  Some people just don't understand when a simple suggestion is being made and then they wonder why they busted and/or ripped off.

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