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Not Legal

Posted 9/7/2011 at 3:40:30 PM

Minnesota is the only state in the US that does not have a licensing board, that does not mean that it does not have laws regulating massage. When a person graduates from a massage school in MN they are Certified (given a certificate of graduation). Whereas in other states, after graduation the person is required to also take a test given from the state, then issued a license with a MT#.
Minnesota does not license massage therapist, meaning the state has no record of how many people are working as massage therapists and how many people have graduated from a massage school.  Every county & city in MN has its own laws & regulatations for massage which varies greatly from hours needed to graduate, licensing fees, where to operate a massage establishment and what services are allowed.

I think most people are under the misunderstanding that if the state doesn't license massage therapist that it is not against the law.  It is illegal to perfom a sex act during a massage session. That includes, nudity, erotic touching, topless, etc.  Lets put in in leiman terms, if its not taught in a massage therapy state approved school by law it is not allowed after graduation.


Posted By: youngwarrior
So i'm wondering, is DIY massage really legal? I'm not familiar with massage laws, but a nude girl encouraging you to relase, and you pay her for it. In the beginning its a different experience, DIY, but have gotten the hang of it, and the girls are pretty, plus they are cheaper. But anyone wanna shed light on if its really legal.


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