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Some Factors for Minimizing Risk 

Posted 6/12/2002 at 10:08:40 PM

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Most important of all, pick a provider who has positive reviews on TER here, or on SER,
There is an enormous choice, without going to an unknown.
You realize that you may search TER for TS providers, don't you?
Do it. Simply search the Reviews for ALL transsexuals and you will find over 200 reviewed here I suspect from all over the US.
Reading many reviews is amusing and a good education. Those will answer all of your questions and more. Most importantly, pick someone who does what you want. There is a great deal of behavioral variety out there. CBJ, BBJ, 69, Top, Bottom, Versatile, Fetish, Limp Schlong. Statistically, a significant proportion of TS providers at this stage of the game are not a lot of fun, not GFE. So study those reviews. Some real lookers are also real b**tches.
Each city has different LE issues, so in which Metro area are you in general? Bad hot spots right now are San Diego and OC, the Carolinas always bad, Virginia always, and especially small towns.
Sure, people notice visitors in small hotels, but I've actually never been stopped going into a hotel to see a GG, so why would a TS be different? You walk in dressed professionally carrying a magazine or newspaper and go straight for the elevator as if you were staying there. It helps to know where the elevator is, of course, so walk slowly enough to find out, and try not to trip over your dick.
Only see providers familiar with the Heimlich manuever. LOL

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