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Posted 1/24/2006 at 5:19:09 AM

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I assume you want to post pictures from your website in your posts on TER?

While you can't upload pictures to TER's server, you can link to pictures that are on another server.

Let's say you wanted to attach a picture of Kayla to your post. (She is beautiful btw ;)

You need to find the URL for the picture that you want to link to your post and copy and paste this URL in the picture URL: box when you post your message. I have linked the picture titled kayla1.jpg to my post. The URL for this picture is

How did I determine the URL? On your website, I clicked on Kayla's link. When this picture appeared, I clicked on the picture with my right mouse button. A menu box appeared. I chose Properties from this menu box. From the next box that appeared, I copied the line labeled Location.

Hope this helps.



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