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A pornstar hobbyist's list of legal brothels in Nevada

Posted 3/1/2010 at 10:04:47 PM

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I would like to start a convenient list of links of legal brothels in Nevada for guy's referernce (heck, we have a separate FKK Clubs page for Europe, might as well chronicle brothels for guys on this board).  

Obviously, not all brothels have pornstars all the time in attendance, but the Bunny Ranch in particular does.  Let's leave the commentary pro and con (particularly about over paying) for another day.  As to overpaying, the question sort of is, compared to what, in the sense that if a guy wants to, for instance, Legally see a pornstar, about the only option on American soil are the rural counties in Nevada with a brothel and limo service direct to their puss.  If Elliot Spitzer had gone to the Mustand Ranch, well . . .

In the meantime, if you want to educate yourself, rent the HBO series Cathouse, a multi-part documentary about The Bunny Ranch.  They just shot new episodes there a week ago.

I remember seeing at least one video series or porn a few years back that was shot at one of the cathouses.  It was actually pretty good.  If anyone remembers movie titles showing brothel girls getting done, that might be of interest to guys.

So, all comments are welcome, but the primary thrust of this thread is simply to compile links to all the cat houses.

Pictured below, Sunny Lane


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