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Elizabeth Layne TER ID 11419 could fit your criteria

Posted 6/6/2012 at 8:06:42 AM

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Reviews: 69
Also smart, funny, not petite at 5'10" or so. Reviews detail her approach to things so well ..Hope this helps.
If petite is your style I would look at Kellie Sinz TER ID 6751 or Charity Mclean TER ID 43505 for openers. Both mature and smart...reveiws highlight their style..neither is really lean but are well versed in what to do and carry things off so well ..wish I was
All three have been in Vegas for some time btw and know the inside scoop on things.
Oh, Lorena de Leon TER ID 95224 is not really mature as the term is used here but very classy..a cant miss option...still wish I was you..

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