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Re: Agree...Most of the Indys don't have any issues with you being the director 

Posted 5/29/2012 at 2:24:47 PM

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Lol!  I like you April ;-)

...and you are definitely on my 'to do' list, but right now, for what I want, it would be like renting a Ferrari to go and do your weekly grocery shop at Smith's.   Soon though hopefully... :)


Posted By: april_luv
Of your PARTY.
What you decide to do with your time is up to you and your provider of choice to figure out.

There is one thing in in vegas that there's no shortage of and that's a great set of tits. So happy titty hunting.


Posted By: pressure46
Any of the fine independents (or reputable agency) girls. You are paying for their time and can guide the session where you want it to go.

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