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LV ? for ladies, and gents....

Posted 5/27/2012 at 8:47:25 AM

I have only visited Las Vegas 2 times for business, and found it to be my worst and most unprofitable city, by far.  I get texts, emails and PM's constantly, asking when I am going to return, but needless to say, when you've not had a good experience 2 seperate times, you aren't likely to run right back.

My experience was a HUGE number of no shows and cancellations with apppointments.  About 75% or more of the appointments never came through.

Do other providers have this experience in Vegas?  Do the gents get caught up with the casino, or what is it?  And how do you overcome it, or compensate for it?

I'm not one to double book, I don't think that is fair or right, but sure don't like sitting in my hotel room, then a while later have the same experience happen again!

Gents-  Do you have any insight on the issue in Vegas?

I travel FREQUENTLY, all over the continental US and Hawaii, and don't have this anywhere else.  

Any insight as to how to overcome the Vegas issue would be appreciated!

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