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Posted 5/23/2012 at 9:01:56 PM

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the lower numbers I believe is a result of finally many members taking serious the complaints about grade inflation ..  there is NOTHING WRONG  with a  8 / 8   that should be the gold standard that most girls should be very happy with ..  up to 2003 that was the standard but since then ... numbers ran amok ...   9 MODEL MATERIAL .. really ?!??!  have you seen a real girl that's a real model  (and i don't mean they did one print ad 5 years ago)  ..  they are flawless both in face and figure and 10 ONCE IN A ...   HELLO  does the word ONCE mean anything ..    

so that's why i have read many recent reviews of the guy say all kinds of thoughtful wonderful things about the girl and how he would definitely repeat etc etc and gave a 7 / 8   ,....     i respect that more than a 10/10 where the guy just says wow she was hot.  

so maybe there is hope for everyone ...   guys are not disappointed ...  girls work harder to get higher marks instead of being complacent ... and the true  9s and 10s (and we all know who they are) make more money deservedly so.    everyone wins !

Posted By: wnl4gt
I've been noticing a rash of lower reviews for many of the lovely providers that in the past have gotten high reviews. What could be the problem? I don't think that its the girls.......maybe the low reviewers are fat angry men with small dicks,.......con't think of anything else, lmao


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