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Re: Oh Boy... got called a cheapskate and BAM!!

Posted 5/16/2012 at 11:47:08 PM

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1.  I have no clue as to what the picture of your text means if anything - it was already after I had already made my post that you had wasted my time and ruined my night.  Other than that I have no idea of its relevance.    

2.  You were almost 2 hours late by the time you told me you didn't like the hotel and you weren't going to do the appt.  You could have offered to split the cost of another hotel that was acceptable but you don't' value your clients time or effort.

3.  Researching  a clients hotel choice is exactly your job - you are the one making the money, you are the one concerned about your safety and you are the one who is decidng where or not you want to do an appt.  If I had told you while you are on your way, I could understand you being upset but there was plenty of time to call it off and not waste my time or could have suggested another solution.  If you were that concerned about your safety, I would have expected you look up where you had to be later on that day.  On the other hand, I didn't realize I was booking the queen of Las Vegas and had to get the high roller suite at the Wynn.

4.  Still confused as to how this place wasn't good enough for you but your recommended your "roommate" with no notice who thought the place was fine - someone whom I had never heard of, doesn't have a website or reviews.  That is my safety and that is why I turned it down.

5.  YOU are most certainly NOT a business professional.


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