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suggestions for bro night out on a strip club.. and more 

Posted 5/12/2012 at 1:26:55 PM

Hi Y'all,

As I've previously posted, I'm coming to Sinfully joyous Vegas soon.. the 24th to 30th to be exact,
and since you already did me good by pointing me in the right direction what regards a provider  (oh yes, you did fine)

I figure y'all might help me even more :

I'm coming to Vegas for the above mentioned 6 days or so, and I figure I might go see stuff while there.
I know next to nothing about Vegas, except for what I see in tv.. and I figure CSI is probably not the end all truth about your city.. Even so..  I figure there must be touristy stuff I just *have* to go see..
I figure on perhaps a trip to the Hoover dam, perhaps a trip to see Death Valley.. A museum or 2..
I've bought tickets for Penn&Teller,m so that's already settled ..
But what then.. I'm traveling with a mate from work, and I figure on us going out to a strip club, to get that experience .. But what club to choose ? I figure it should be a place that has good atmosphere, pretty girls, and where a lap dance on the one hand will be quite the experience, but wont ruin me.

Oh, and restaurants/eateries :) Are there any experiences that I simply *must* have in your opinions ?


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