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Posted 4/19/2012 at 12:27:27 AM

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NO... you do not have to tip every time you go in and out of your car...

The tips are part of the Monthly Association Dues that owners in the tower pay every month.

HOWEVER... I do enjoy having my car ready when I call down...  and I enjoy just being able to pull in and leave my car with the keys in the ignition as I go on up knowing the Valet guys are looking out for me.

Some full time residents of the tower I am in pay about $1,000 a year ... for the part timers... we pay about $300 a year in a lump sum which goes to all of the people.... not just valet... but also goes to the Concierge and Security that are looking out for us.

You don't have to pay anything... but I suggest you do ---- to have people looking out for you.

I'll message you to see if it's in my tower and I'll help / clarify on this so you feel comfortable with what is going on..



Posted By: Heathergfe
Next month I move to a high rise in Las Vegas. I have always lived in a house in the suburbs. At my new home there is valet parking ONLY. I assumed that every time I get my car I will have to tip. The real estate agent who manages the apartment said that I am not supposed to tip at all.  She said that they get paid very well and it is part of the service charge for living there. I'm afraid she may have said that just to make the apartment seem more attractive.
Does any one else have experience with this? I don't want to seem like the bitch who doesn't tip if I should. Also, if I should tip, what is the appropriate  amount each time I get my car?


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