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Thinking of having another lunch party in Los Angeles

Posted 5/10/2012 at 9:08:17 AM

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I have received numerous requests to have another lunch party.  Been crazy busy, but might squeeze some time towards the end of May (May 29, 30, or 31) and host a modest gathering for my insatiable friends.

Post a choice of the following areas:

1. Mid-Wilshire/K-town/Hancock Park
2. Miracle Mile/Fairfax District
3. Downtown LA
4. Melrose-WeHo

My preferences are #1 and #2, but the other two are doable.  I can't do Culver City or Santa Monica this time.

Budget has been taken into serious consideration, so you'll get more "bang for your buck".  My sincere apologies for the high price of the last lunch.  Logistically, it's hard locating a place large and private enough to host a group larger than 20.  Some concessions were made, but not enough on the price point.

Share your choice and opinions here or via PM.


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