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Tozer, maybe you can start the new ones?

Posted 4/28/2012 at 10:42:11 PM

I know you would never betray anyone. I think only the New York hobbyists who have been around a long time and know the ropes and can be trusted should have been the ones to run parties. As you know, I dont attend the parties, but I do still care about everyone. Id hate if one of my dear clients got in trouble.
Its sad for me to think that people drank, felt tipsy and talked and mingled, and had no idea that one of them was a reporter taking notes of everything said. When there is a bit of alcohol, everyone loosens up and the conversation can get pretty free, as well as flirting, pawing, ect. A reporter is going to gobble all this up. Im so glad I dont go to parties. But i am really worried about those who did.

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