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If you see a provider more than once a relationship exists. I don't think any

Posted 4/2/2001 at 5:27:00 PM

relationship can stay in the same place for very long.  It grows and changes or it stagnates (which is a kind of death).  This is a serious problem with a SO, but it can also be a problem in other relationships including those with providers.  In fact, because of the cost of maintaining a relationship with a provider I think we are very quick to notice it when the zest starts to decline.I think that when you see a provider and have a really great experience that it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to repeat the experience.  It doesn't take long for it to become stale.  As intuitive said in another thread the passion will ultimately go out of any relationship.  And in the long run we are all dead too.  I think our goal is to maintain the passion and live as fully and as long as possible.I don't think you should see a provider with the goal of repeating the last visit.  Try to introduce something (however small) that is new and exciting to both of you to keep the relationship fresh.  In racing terms, "push the envelope."  You can crash and burn doing that too, of course.  The trick in racing is to not go so far beyond the limits that you can't recover.Ok, I have a concrete example.  I'm one of the guys who really enjoys Christy Spice.  She uses a body massager type vibrator on herself and you.  Last time I saw Christy I asked her where she bought the vibrator.  I went out and bought one.  (She has good taste in vibrators.  It was an expensive toy.)  Tonight I saw a provider I had not seen in about a year.  Since she had never done anything in our sessions remotely like Christy does, I brought the vibrator along.  She had a ball.  I had a ball. It was totally unlike anything we had done together before.  It was totally unlike the way Christy uses a vibrator too, but who cares.  It was new and it was fun.  I ended up giving the lady the vibrator.  Hey, it doesn't do much for me by itself.  I don't tip, but I enjoy giving a gift if it is something that I think the lady will really like and enjoy.Be creative.  Make her feel special.  (She is special, isn't she?  If she isn't why are you repeating?)  These are sexy ladies.  Push the envelope, but be sensitive to her reaction.  If you push too hard or in the wrong direction you will be able to tell.  Forget you are paying for her time and do your best to make sure she forgets.These are the things I think I've learned.  Faye, Laurel, Intuitive, (or any other lady) if I've seriously missed the mark I would appreciate any advice that you would care to give me.  There is always room to learn and improve and I certainly don't mean to imply that I know it all or even expect to know it all in this lifetime.

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