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Thank you Eau Claire! 

Posted 6/29/2011 at 4:00:00 PM

I appreciate your support!  See you next time!  

Next up:  Madison!


Posted By: Francesca1
A tall, tantalizing redhead possessing the rareness of true sophistication combined with libidinous lust!

I am a woman, not a girl.  I am ageless and timeless with classic femininity.  Statuesque and graceful (5'8-1/2, 6' in heels) with lush curves and good proportions (think Christina Hendricks) I am developed, ripened and perfected!  I am blessed with firm breasts, long legs, small waist, flat tummy and nice round behind.  I have red hair, deep teal/blue eyes, full lips, radiant, bright white smile, a fine nose and high cheekbones. Many have described my look as striking.  My complexion is very clear and fair with a sprinkling of freckles attesting to my Northern European ancestry.  I have often been told I resemble Ann-Margret, Rene Russo or Julianne Moore and that I look even better and younger in the flesh!  Always impeccably groomed and dressed, I make a perfect companion for any event.

Ever respectful of your time, I am reliable and dependable and never, ever a NCNS.  Please read my stellar reviews to see what others have said about me.  Come let me embrace you in pure pleasure!

Contact via the form on my site is best.  



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