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Your Affectionate Goddess Awaits......

Posted 9/4/2011 at 2:15:39 PM

         I'm Eva Bliss, your Shamelessly Hedonistic Norwegian Delight...

         My athletic, curvacious body has many times been compared to the Classic Vargas Pin-up Girls and my sensual prowess and voracious appetite is simply second to none... I have dazzling, light emerald eyes, a dark, thick, silky mane of hair, flawless golden skin that feels like satin to the touch...  I'm here to stimulate your senses and speak to your soul in a variety of ways:

I'm well-spoken and university educated on a wide variety of topics, from the Classical Arts to the Sciences. I'm a classically trained cellist and an avid reader of absolutely anything I can get my hands on! I'm naturally happy and easy-going, genuinely sincere, and have an inherent ability to connect with my suitors on a variety of levels...

         My mind clings to intimate details as I create an experience catered to your every whim and Desire..... (And perhaps few things you never knew you enjoyed!)

I eagerly anticpate Exceeding your Expectations....
Highly Reviewed on this lovely site and others as well.

              Eva Bliss

visit my website for more information


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