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Posted 6/9/2012 at 3:22:07 AM

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Posted By: perfectstorm
ii) If you stick to reputable, well reviewed providers, then incalls are very safe.

I see that this is the conventional wisdom here, but I don't really understand how this can be true.  At least for fixed location incalls. How does being well reviewed make any difference from a LE point of view?  No matter what the reviews say, you still have neighbors watching a steady stream of men coming and going.  Seems to me that the risk of one of those neighbors reporting their suspicions to LE has nothing to do with the provider being well reviewed.  And if the incall location is an apartment complex, nowadays you should assume that all this hobbyist traffic is being watched by security cameras.  

So how is it that well reviewed providers means "incalls are very safe"?

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