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Newbie question: "safe" BBFS

Posted 6/7/2012 at 5:45:24 AM

Before I ask my question about this theoretical situation, I would ask that the replies contain as little flaming as possible. I know the risks, and I've had a vasectomy. I've got three wonderful kids, and I don't need more.

Since I've gone under the knife, I only have to be worried about STDs. If I were to get checked for diseases a very short time period before my encounter and prvide proof of my vasectomy, and she also got checked in a short period beforehand, what would be the harm?

I realize not many, if any SPs would be willing to put themselves through this extra hassle. But I personally hate the **** out of condoms, to me, I might as well not even bother doing anything. I engage in certain activities because I like the closeness you feel with that person. A condom ruins that.

That being said, I am kinda clueing myself into this lifestyle, and have no experience. With common sense and straight math, I am, indeed, playing russian ruellette.

So, could the above scenario be doable with minimal risk? I look forward to hearing from vets in the hobby.


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