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The biggest drawback is a cancellation or worse yet a ncns

Posted 6/6/2012 at 11:20:39 PM

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I have gone this route a lot, as I have seen many providers who do outcall only, but I can't have them come to my place, so I get a hotel room. The biggest drawback is if the lady cancels or doesn't show up, then you are still out the cost of the room.

A last minute cancellation only happened to me once (but maybe I have been lucky). When I do the hotel outcall thing, I  always plan to stay in the room overnight. I usually plan an evening date, then I sleep in the hotel room and go home (or to work) the next morning from the hotel. Kind of a mini vacation in my own town.  So even when I had the cancellation, I just made the best use of the room. I walked to a nearby strip club, got a few lap dances, then went back to the room, and watched hotel room porn, then went to sleep. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant the next morning and then off to work:)

One way to reduce the chance of being out the cost of the room in case of cancellation is if you have a reputable agency that you might possibly get a last minute date from. (Not an option for me)

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