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Posted 6/6/2012 at 6:27:33 PM

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roosevelt told us years ago we have nothing to fear but FEAR itself..times havent changed much..


Posted By: cherubael13
I've seen quite a few check lists or 'top tens' to help providers look for warning signs that a client is actually a cop. Are there any lists or top tens to assist clients avoid entrapment from LEs?

Edit: I do understand that it's the client's responsibility to do their homework on the provider they are contacting, but I guess I'm looking for 'buzz word' type phrases once you're already with the provider. One example from a list I saw to assist providers with clients told them to watch out for questions like 'how long have you been doing this?' or 'can you bring drugs?', and so on. Are there any similar things a client should look out for?

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