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Many have asked me to do a M and G on OC

Posted 5/3/2012 at 12:25:20 PM

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Posted By: Madame Patricia
Maybe a photo thread at least once a week...

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I would be willing to do that providing:

1.  A facility is secured that fulfills my must have requirments.

2.  People actually show up.  I know there have been attempts to have a M and G in San Diego.  Just very little interest from what I understand.  I have either hosted or co-hosted 3 parties in SD.  Its just very difficult to get a large attendance.  And without that, the dollars required to secure a private facility is prohibitive.

I would love to host an event in OC.  Heck its a lot closer for me.  

Just don't know if we get my issues resolved.


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