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Re: Living in FL, where RS2K is not widely used,

Posted 5/30/2012 at 1:14:10 PM

Thank you...

I just want to emphasize in no way am I questioning there they have been around for quite some time...

key:   not questioning rs2k and their operating practice... but what an individual can do with that info..granted you do research but come on...isn't that too much info...
hence why providers use stage names to protect their private lives from curious snoopers with info and a a laptop

i just don't get the whole give your:
first & last name + city/state thing out to a provide as suppose to a unique code

Doesn't  that put the customer at risk??

That would be akin to me giving that out on this board, and expecting no one to be curious and POTENTIALLY search and find out more on me

I am new and was just curious on input on why that method is still used in this day and age as suppose to other site that do a more general method for you to ID yourself, thereby, not only protecting the client but the provider as well

Only drawback is that rs2k is so chicago based from my readings

thank you


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