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Claire La Femme DC schedule (pixxx) 

Posted 12/18/2008 at 12:51:33 AM

hello gentlemen,  I am in washington DC and will be here until Jan 2009. then for a week in Las vegas for AVN awards convention and back home in D.C.  :-)

For hot and unforgettable experience with Claire LaFemmeDC  please
call me at 02-255  2335  or visit my websites

All calls made to me, are answered by me only,
if I dont asnwer I only will return your calls.
The same with emails: me only will return all your emails within 24 hours GUARANTEED. Confidentiality and Privacy guaranteed.

here is about me a little:-)   (Video trailer),0,0,0,0&page=/scene/sbc/1949/clairelafemmedc

************Confidentiality and Privacy guaranteed***********

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