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Posted 5/27/2012 at 9:56:21 PM

Being an email only provider I have seen last minute appt requests drop a lot versus when I had my phone# posted.Even with email only I still every now and then get these type of requests.
Most of the gents I see give advance notice from a couple days in advance to a month in advance.
The guys who want a "right now"appointment never provide reference info or even their name for that matter.
Most of the times if no info is provided I do not even respond.I do offer same day appts to P411/Date-Check members only if my schedule allows it.There have been some rare exceptions where I can do same day appts for a TER member who had many many reviews and whitelist from providers I personally know.
But,most last minute appt requests the guy has not provided any info or just his TER handle that does nothing for me.When I let them know I need to verify their references most of the time I do not get any response surprise there.

My experience is that the guys who want "right now" do not have any screening info to provide to set up an appointment.Or they are hoping you do not screen and just see them.Nope,not going to happen with me!
By me passing up "right now"appts does not affect me at all since the majority of my appt requests are from gents who know how to set things up in advance and provide the required info.
My safety is way more important than dealing with someone who wants right now.If there are providers who offer right now appts more power to them that is not how I operate.

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