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Agree with all the above

Posted 5/26/2012 at 7:57:18 AM

Very first thing that came to my mind, as many others noted, was *no music!!*

Even if your stats show you dont get much traffic on your blog, if you like to write and will do so on a fairly regular basis, keep it there. The one time I get comments about my blog is when I stop writing in it.  I do feel at times Im writing to myself and no one is paying attention, but since I started keeping track, when I make a new post, views go up.  And the more I post, the more consistent the views.  And a lot of stuff Ive said in my blog have been something to talk about/ice breakers on dates.  So I say definitely keep it.

I personally have my wishlist buried on my site...its not obvious, and a guy would have to be interested enough in my to actually read my site, to even find it.  But those who want to, do find it, and its genuinely a huge surprise when someone gets me something off my wishlist...because to be honest, even I forget its there lol

I also agree with having a calendar on your site, especially if you tour or are low volume.  My schedule fills up pretty fast because of those two things, so I end up having to update my calendar a couple times a week generally.  Since I keep up with it, its an actual resource...  But if you are generally open and available, then its better not to use one, since there wouldnt really be anything to update and then guys wouldnt bother looking at it.

As for the gallery, whichever method you choose really.  As long as the guys are able to see a bigger photo, and not just thumbnails..I think thats all they really care about, actually being able to *see* your photos.

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