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For me, simplicity is best.

Posted 5/26/2012 at 4:57:51 AM

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I don't really need to see all the fancy stuff that many providers put on their sites, it just gets in the way.  As the previous posters have said, NO MUSIC.  While it's not a problem for me since I don't work or have an SO, for many of your potential clients, it could be a disaster.  The blog is ok, I sometimes read them to get an idea of her personality.  The gift/wishlist page is fine too, but include sizes if a guy wants to buy you a particular item of clothing.

Pictures a must.  I also agree that they should enlarge to size much bigger than the thumbnail.  Professional glamour shots are not mandatory, as I prefer natural, more candid shots.  I also prefer not to see real explicit shots of your anatomy, not necessary.  Some skin is nice but should be tastefully done.  Make sure your rate page is very clear and easy to understand so there is no doubt in the client's mind.

An 'about me' page is good too.  We do like to know a little about the woman we are contacting, at least I do.  Agree with the others on no form.  I prefer email as first contact and will provide information about myself in that.  Just ask for what preliminary info you want to be included.  I know some ladies prefer phone contact over email, so make sure your preference is spelled out as well, which contact method you prefer.

Although I have a smart phone, I rarely use it to access providers' websites.  Hope this helps.


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